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What is the most important single reason for unwanted conceptions?

Sex! Sex is embarrassing. Contraception is inextricably linked to emotional and sexual wellbeing. It is impossible to talk about contraception without addressing sexuality. The two are inseparable.

Research shows that contraception continues to be a source of considerable embarrassment and anxiety both for men and women and this has implication for it's uptake and usage. It can have an inhibiting effect on peoples willingness to seek information and advice from professional.

Since 1983 I have been helping thousands of couples to control their fertility and I hope that this website gives you the comfort, security and confidentiality that you deserve on seeking to educate yourself in contraception. I hope that the methods outlined in this website will give you the understanding, comfort and confidence for you to find out the method that suites you, to access it and to make you comfortable with it's use at your stage of life.

Essentially there are primarily just 2 categories.

Those methods that you can get on with yourself like condoms, foams etc or those where you have to involve (get permission from) other people, possible people you don't like and so loose privacy control etc. Or as they have been classified those methods with no user failure like the contraceptive injection, the contraceptive implant, the Intrauterine system and sterilisation, and those with user failure like the contraceptive patch, the combined pill, the mini pill, male and female condoms, diaphram with spermacide and natural family planning."Sex is hot and contraception is cold" (Elphis Christopher) so planning, like every other aspect in life, is the ingredient to avert unwanted pregnancies. Somebody once said "it is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than have one and not be prepared".

Good luck in the quest to find the method that suits you at this particular time in your life. If you need further information please e-mail me or telephone +353 41 983 3684.